Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girl in the Arena, by Lise Haines

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It’s a fight to the death—on live TV—when a gladiator’s daughter steps into the arena

Lyn is a neo-gladiator’s daughter, through and through.  Her mother has made a career out of marrying into the high-profile world of televised blood sport, and the rules of the Gladiator Sports Association are second nature to their family.

The rules help the family survive, but rules—and the GSA—can also turn against you. When a gifted young fighter kills Lyn’s seventh father, he also captures Lyn’s dowry bracelet, which means she must marry him...

I'd actually give this book 3.5 stars.

It kept me engaged throughout and the ending really surprised me. Some of the writing seemed a bit jarring and I had to re-read pages several times to make sure I didn't miss anything.

If you're squeamish or troubled by the thought of violence, then this is not the book for you. It's not as in-your-face as The Hunger Games, but the entire book is based on the premise of the in-your-face blood-and-guts violence so prevalent in today's society. 

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