Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Bible for Dummies, by Jeffrey Geoghegan and Michael M. Homan

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Ninety percent of Americans own a copy of the Bible, and while it's the most widely read book, it's also the least understood. Regardless of your religion, understanding the Bible brings much of Western art, literature, and public discourse into greater focus--from Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper painting to the Wachowski brothers' The Matrix movies.  People have historically turned to religion to deal with tragedy and change, and with the right insight, the Bible can be an accessible, helpful guide to life's big questions.

The Bible For Dummies appeals to people of all faiths, as well as those who don't practice any particular religion, by providing interfaith coverage of the entire Bible and the often fascinating background information that makes the Bible come alive. You'll find answers to such questions as: Where did the Bible come from? Who wrote the Bible? How is the Bible put together?

Follow the history of the Bible from its beginning thousands of years ago as tattered scrolls to its status as the bestseller of all time.
The Bible For Dummies covers these topics and more: Ten people in the Bible you should know; The Hebrew Bible; The Apocrypha's hidden treasures; What's new about the New Testament; Israel's wisdom, literature, and love poetry; The Bible's enduring influence; The prophets: more than fortunetellers.

Discover the world's all-time bestseller in an entirely new light. Whether you're interested in broadening your spiritual horizons, uncovering the symbolism of Western culture, or gaining a deeper understanding of the book you grew up reading,
The Bible For Dummies has all the information you need to navigate this ancient and fascinating book.

Growing up in a non-religious household, I didn't have a need to read the Bible. Unfortunately, that also meant that I didn't understand the influence it had on art and literature. In all honesty, the Bible scares me: it's a huge book, with a lot of information, written in old language.

I was thrilled when I found this Dummies book! The authors do a remarkable job providing clear, concise information without trying to convert you to one religion or another.

My head is overflowing with Bible trivia now, and I can guarantee that I will use this book as a reference in the future.

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