Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ghost Time, by Courtney Eldridge

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Thea Denny hates the tenth grade, and her home life isn't easy. But she's passionate about making art — and about her math-genius boyfriend, Cam, a recent transfer to her upstate New York high school from California. 

One day Cam mysteriously vanishes — and then things really get weird. The stars on the school flag go missing, eerily cut out. Intimate videos of Cam and Thea start going viral online — videos they never took. The FBI gets involved. And Thea can hear the voice of Melody, a beautiful, disabled girl her age, whose illness has left her mute since birth. 

Cam once claimed to be the world's foremost hacker. . . . Is he trying to reach her, send her a sign — or is Thea losing her mind?

Waaaaaait just a second.  That's the end?  I didn't know that this the beginning of a series!  GAH!!!

Courtney Eldridge, you are going to make me pull my my hair out.  I hate reading series until all books are published for exactly this reason: I'm going to go crazy wondering what happens next.

I'm a bit relieved that it's not the end, though.  I want to know more about Thea, Cam, and Melody.  It doesn't help that I want to know NOW, though.  Hmph.

I love the way that the story is told: from a single point in time, we're treated to the stream-of-consciousness thoughts of 15-year-old Thea.  Each chapter either takes us further back in time to relive days and weeks past, or days and weeks into the present.  You get to uncover their stories bit by bit and it made it really hard to put down and go to sleep (or pay attention to my kids, but anyhow).

Time is obviously the central theme of the books, and Eldridge weaves the story beautifully.  Some of my favorite lines include:
What if time is plural, and time can move forward or backward?
...the amazing thing about looking at the stars is you're looking into the future and the past at the same time.

Oh yeah.  That's some good Time Lord stuff, right there. 

I can't wait until the sequel comes out!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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