Monday, August 26, 2013

Munchkin Monday #7: Love, Mouserella

A quick look at the new books I have read with Boy Child and Girl Child

Mouserella misses her grandmouse, so she writes her a letter. At first she can't think of anything to say, but once she starts, the news begins to flow--she found a cat whisker at the zoo, she taught her ladybug to fetch, she made shadow puppets with Dadmouse during a blackout--and just like that, the events of the past few days come to vivid life in her letter, as does her love for Grandmouse.

Children will enjoy reading the story from top to bottom, like a real letter, and Mouserella's funny drawings and lively adventures will spark their imaginations and just might inspire them to start a correspondence of their own.

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So. Flipping. Cute!

The whole family has enjoyed reading this book over the past few days.
Boy Child is just starting to understand how much fun it is to write letters.  Both kids love getting mail, and now they can give some, too!

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